Q. Where are the parties held? Always the same place?
A. The parties are held at a club in mainly Roppongi. Please check the location and the schedule on the top page.

Q. How often do you hold the party?
A. Monthly.

Q. Should I make a reservation for the party?
A. Not necessary but recommended and appreciated.

Q. How many people usually participate the party?
A. About 250 people. (It depends on the time, we have 150-300 people.)

Q. What kind of age group?
A. All different kinds of age groups. Majorities are 20s, 30s and 40s.

Q. Dress code?
A. Anything (Casual, etc)

Q. Do you have drinks at the party?
A. Yes, we do. We have delicious Cocktails, Soft drinks that are all-you-can-drink.

Q. Do you have something to eat at the party?
A. We have some snacks, etc.